As you know, Whatsapp is among those apps, which need no further introduction to any users. With more than 400 million active users, I am sure that almost all of you know what I am talking about. The service became very famous two years ago, and these days, the number of registered members is increasing. However, the good thing is that we can share the same great features right on our desktop computers.

If you wish to use Whatsapp for PC, then, you need to know a couple of things first. It is important to note the fact that the service cannot be installed on a desktop computer, in the same way as you do on your Smartphone. First, you need to make sure that you have an emulator installed on your Windows-based computer. The emulator will play the Android role and it will allow you to get all those great mobile apps right on your computer.


With Whatsapp, you can send unlimited text messages to all those friends that are on your contact list. For example, you need to add a new contact in your list in order to send a message. But, if the respective contact has you in his list, then you can easily receive the message, without having to add a new contact.

Besides the possibility to communicate in a free manner, you also get to share media files such as photos, videos, or audio records. In the same time, when texting, you can make use of various interesting stickers or smiley icons, to make your conversations more interesting.

Before going any further, let me just tell you that Whatsapp for PC is not made available from their official source, and you will have to use a third-party app, called the Android emulator. Only in this way, you will be able to install any mobile application on a desktop-based computer. However, do not worry because there will be no harm done to your computer.


Let me just tell you a couple of Whatsapp’s features and options. First of all, its main strength is its large user base. You will find the maximum of your friends and relatives using the service at the moment you decided to become a member. Personally, at first, I was a little bit skeptical about the service, but once i installed it, I noticed that more than 40 of my contracts were already there. In addition, when we have a chance to communicate in a free manner, it is a pity not to take advantage of it.

With Whatsapp on PC, users are able to create groups of maximum 50 of their friends who share the same concerns, such as school or work colleagues. The user interface is very elegant and simple. You do not need a user guide to see how things work with Whatsapp. In addition, if you already used the service on a mobile device, the PC version is actually the same; so, you will not encounter any problems whatsoever.

Whatsapp Messenger has become one of the most used application at this point, and not speaking from a messaging-service point of view. Actually, the application has more than 400 million users, who use the service on a daily basis. Moreover, now, with the possibility to download Whatsapp on PC, their number increases day by day.


However, even with this impressive number, some people are not aware of its actual benefits. Besides the main feature, the one that allows users to connect to each other, in a free manner, Whatsapp on PC has plenty of other interesting options. Here, I want to show you some of the most important ones, those that are not immediately visible in the application.

For instance, I am sure that most users still do not know that they can send Whatsapp conversation history to anyone. In the case you want to prove something to someone, you can send the entire conversation from a Whatsapp contact to another via email. For this, just click on the Menu option in the conversation, go to More, and Select Email conversation, before entering the address you want to send to. In this way, you can send the whole text conversation, pictures, voice records, or even video clips.

In the same time, as another interesting feature, with Whatsapp on PC, you can easily, change the Whatsapp chat wallpaper. I am sure that at one point, you might feel bored about the background in the chat screen. You can choose a background to appear in the respective windows, by going to the Wallpaper option in the Chat menu. Here, you can select a picture of your cat, yourself, or one that it is available within the service.

Now, I want to tell you that you can actually save the photos you receive from your friends. I also know that some of you already know this thing, but you will be amazed by the number of people who still do not how to do this. When  a friend sends you various pictures, and you want to save them in your device, all you need to do is to tap on them and choose Save. You will be able to access them in the Whatsapp/Media/Whatsapp Images folder. Then, you can easily share them on various social networks; apply them as contact photos, and much more.

In the last part, because of the fact that now, you can easily install Whatsapp on PC, I want to tell you that you can create a backup for each conversation. If your Whatsapp conversations are important to you, it is a good idea to make backups to them so you will always have them saved in a safe place. For this, just head over to Settings choose Chat Preferences and click on the Chat history backup option.

As a mention, Whatsapp on PC is easy to install. The whole process takes only 10 minutes actually. However, you need to know that you cannot install Whatsapp on PC as a regular application. You need Bluestacks or any other Android emulator for this job. Fortunately, there are plenty of guides showing you how to do this is an easy way.

With the surge of Smartphone revolutions, these days, almost every person owns a smartphone. In this respect, a substantial number of apps appeared and gained a lot of ground, especially those who bring new features and options. The most efficient and unique of them is Whatsapp. This app is no longer a secret for most people, since it has become one of the most used services for sending messages.


Now, for those of you who are fans of Whatsapp and use it on a regular basis, there is the possibility to install this service on Windows-based computers. However, before you deep into this topic, I want to mention the fact that Whatsapp for PC is not officially available for computers. It can be installed via a third-party Android emulator called Bluestacks with the help of which you can easily install Android applications or games on Computer OS.

Whatsapp for PC download is available and it will bring you the same features as you have with the mobile version. For instance, the most significant of them is that there are no hidden costs. Several apps in the market portray themselves as being free of charge, but when it comes to their services, you will have to pay to send messages, or to share files. Once installed, users will be able to send unlimited messages across the world without costing a penny. The service is free for download and free for use.

With Whatsapp on PC, users are able to share multimedia files such as images, videos, voice notes, and even audio records. Moreover, with Whatsapp installed on a desktop computer, you will be able to create group chats with friends or relatives. You can add as many as 50 participants.

The contact list that exists in your device can be synchronized with Whatsapp and you can take all your contacts from there, rather than creating a separate list for them. However, for this, you will have to provide the same phone number as you use with a mobile version. In this case, it is worth mentioning the fact that you will have to verify it each time you launch the application on your computer desktop or on your smartphone.

Most people using Whataspp are mostly the smartphone users. Now, with the help of Bluestacks, you can easily download and install the service on Windows-based computer. Therefore, the first step is to download and install Bluestacks Android emulator on your computer. The software is free for download and use.


With Bluestacks installable, all you have to do is to search for Whatsapp using the Search option. Just type down the name and wait for the emulator to generate results. Choose the first result and click on it. Wait a couple of seconds to be installed and launch it.

Now, you will have to configure the application. For this, you will have to provide a valid phone number, your name, and the country where you live in. Wait for the service to send you a message with a configuration code and type it down in the suggested box. This is all. You can now use Whatsapp on Windows 7/8/XP in the same way as you use it on your Smartphone.

Many people became interested in making their computers work just like an Android, in order to be able to use the multitude of apps offered by this system, but in order to do that they need to download BlueStacks or YouWave or other Android emulator.

An android emulator is a virtual device that runs on your computer allowing you develop and test Android applications without using a physical device. Therefore, Bluestacks, for example, has the ability to bring the Android experience to your computer, allowing you to use all the apps that you used to download on your mobile device, on a device with a large screen and without the fear that your battery will die soon.


BlueStacks emulator, just like any other Android emulator, gives users the possibility to download amazing Android apps such as Angry Birds Space, Temple Run, Evernote, and of course, WhatsApp for PC.

If until now, the most famous texting service, WhatsApp, was available only for a variety of Smartphones, fortunately at this moment, all of you would have the ability to download WhatsApp for Windows or Mac. This is great news, especially for those of you who don’t have a phone compatible with this application, or who find it easier to use it from your computer sometime.

However, the problems with Bluestacks App comes when you begin talking about the apps you can use as the emulator appears to be offering a limited number of available apps as it is not compatible with all apps yet.

How to Download BlueStacks


Installing BlueStacks allows the users enjoy the innovative software and run virtual copies of Android OS apps on Windows PCs with just a couple of clicks and free of charge.

In case you decided to download BlueStacks App Player and begin using Android apps on your PC, allow me to tell you that the action is pretty simple. All you must do is follow a couple of simple steps and Bluestacks is downloaded and installed.

Therefore, in order to download BlueStacks you only need a stable internet connection. That sounds easy, right? You can download and install BlueStacks extremely fast to your boot drive, without being necessary to access a different drive or directory.

As soon as the emulator is installed, you are supposed to restart your computer. However, this action is necessary only if you have RAM less than 4 GB.


BlueStacks Alternatives


Installing BlueStacks is a piece of cake. However, many people prefer using a different emulator, such as YouWave, considering that it is lighter than BlueStacks. If you read the steps you must follow in order to install the two emulators, you will notice that there aren’t big differences in the process.  The biggest difference comes actually, when talking about the price of the two emulators. While BlueStacks can be downloaded and installed free of charge, YouWave needs to be paid for in order to be installed.

In case you don’t feel that neither BlueStacks nor YouWave is what you need you can always try Android SK, even though using this app is known as being a little bit more complicated than working with the others techniques.

This is a software development kit, which, just like BlueStacks, comes free of charge and can be downloaded from the Android website. It comes with an Android emulator.

If many users believed that YouWave is lighter than BlueStacks, it appears that when it comes to Android SDK, the opinion of the majority is that the emulator is considered to be more challenging than other methods. However, problems don’t seem to appear while installing and using it.

In conclusion, whether you choose BlueStacks or a different Android emulators, not only the result, but also the process appear to be similar, the biggest difference being price related as BlueStacks and Android SDK can be downloaded and installed free of charge.

How to Get WhatsApp for PC

WhatsApp is at this moment one of the most used free messaging application in the world and, fortunately for some people who are not owners of the amazing smartphones or who are not comfortable with using this app on the mobile all the time, for different reasons, WhatsApp for PC is available for them to download and use directly from their computer.

WhastApp for PC is very easy to download, as well as to use, being extremely similar to the mobile application. However, with WhatsApp for PC things get a lot easier than using the app from your mobile device. The reason why I am saying that is because, in the first place the user does not have to use the small display of the mobile device. Secondly, using WhatsApp for PC protects your mobile phone’s battery life.


In addition to these benefits, using the app is great for people who work in front of a computer all they long and they are also interested in communicating with friends and family at the same time. Last but not least, with WhatsApp for PC being available, all people who don’t own a smartphone can actually join the WhatsApp community.

As stated above, downloading the app on your computer does not involve too much work, but there are a couple of things that you want to be aware of. First of all, you should know that in order to be able to download WhatsApp for PC, you must first make your computer function just like an Android and for this you need an Android Emulator. The majority of people who already installed WhatsApp for PC recommend using BlueStacks, an app that brings the Android experience to your computer free of charge.




Download WhatsApp for PC With BlueStacks

Downloading and installing BlueStack is fast, easy and free, and not only that it allows you to install WhatsApp on computer, but once this app is installed, you have the possibility to use many other app that you were only able to use on your mobile device until that moment.

Once BlueStacks is installed on your PC, there are only a couple of steps you must follow in order to get WhatsApp on PC. So, here is what you must do:

Step 1:  Download and install WhastApp APK file. It is nothing complicated in this action and it should be completed in no time.

Step 2: As soon as the app was downloaded you must go to BlueStacks and open WhatsApp. You can easily find the icon, as it can be seen in My Apps.

Step 3: Now, you are almost done with installing WhatsApp for PC, as the next step is to accept the Terms and Conditions.

Step 4: Once you accepted the Terms and Conditions, all you must do is to type your Mobile Number in the Field.

Step 5: Now, you are at the end of the installing. You only have to add your contacts manually, although the mobile app allows you to do it automatically and begin using WhatsApp on PC in order to communicate with your close ones.

In addition, there is something more you must be informed of. If you are already using your phone number for mobile WhatsApp and you also want to get WhatsApp on PC you will definitely need a different number.

Well, as stated above, downloading and installing WhatsApp for PC is far from being difficult. However, in order for you not to fail, you must follow all these steps carefully and WhatsApp for PC is rapidly installed.